Board of Directors

Ed Karasek, Treasurer  

(630) 926-6179


John Parker, President  

(616) 836-0465


Don Zion, Chair


Dustin Ruch, Facilities and Grounds


Austin Rund, Member at Large

*Team can be reached at

Sewer Association


Dave McGinn   (616) 283-1628

Steve Bannasch   (616) 836-0556





Clear Committee


Cre Lombardi, Member

Lakesha Rose, Member

Don Zion, Member

*Team can be reached at


Ravines Neighborhood Watch Program

Coordinator: Char McKenzie 269-857-4313

Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorp E0143315 (1)

Articles of Incorp E0132426 (3)

Association Financials

Financial Reports can be provided upon request from